Q. what are giclee?

A. prints ...

These are a "new" form of print making based on the digital reproduction of an image.

For example: a photograph of a landscape or a photograph of a painting.

The digital 'capture' or image is processed via computer and printed onto any material one wishes, such as paper, canvas, pottery, or even a tee shirt.

Frequently, artists will use the computer and it's associated ink-jet printer to make an edition of identical images.

These will be signed and numbered in the traditional way and sold as limited edition prints.

Often they will be referred to as a digital print.

There is very little, if any, human input in the process.

These digital prints very accurately capture and reproduce the original image.

Like other art forms, the actual image being shown/reproduced can vary enormously in quality, longetivity and of course, quantity.

Some folks regard them as too mechanical, however it is much like when photography was invented and became another form of art.

We will see a new name for the 3D printing of sculpture.

The best comment is whether you like it or not. You are the best judge.